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Work & Client Preview

I do UI/UX Design  & Web Development

About me

Mads Schou


UI/UX Designer & Developer


I’m 30-year-old Danish guy that has been working with User Interface Design, Media & Web development for the biggest part of my professional life. I’m very passionate about making outstanding visuals that can catch the consumer’s attention, encourages to action and send the happy user in the right direction. I enjoy traveling for inspiration and meet new people hoping to learn something new. I have a very positive attitude towards work and are not afraid of getting some results on the table. I hope you will give me a chance to show my skills, and hopefully, we will make a great product and have a long-lasting relationship. I hope you will find interest in my website and we can start working together. I have both experience working with start-ups and big corporations.




Identity, Branding & Marketing 

Strategy. What is the goal?



Crating our first suggestions. To

get early feedback.



Finishing the job, with your inputs through out the process.

Diverse experience


Many different types of clients from Industrial Production, Trend, Construction,  Financial, Interior, Technology & Software. 


Past clients


What We Believe


We believe the visually outstanding product wins. Without a solid visual impressive & intuitive platform, you can lose a lot of your potential. Today having your online presence & product in tune is a must in the ever increasing market competition. We would go so far to say that without your online presence in tune there's a good chance you will fade out between the masses of a global market dominated by expert marketers.



What We Do


We together with our customer try to create a suitable market strategy and upgrade the visual impact of your product or brand. We offer to manage the whole business development area or just cover your needs for UI/UX design, web development, graphics & media.


Our goal is to give you a strong identity and therefore a better surface to present your business from. To get the message through and maybe even help you improve your message so your users just can't say no.

Ourmindset in our work


This is a selection of my favorite tools/frameworks for UX/UI design and frontend development


Significantly improved sales after our new marketing efforts with a new improved visual identity and sales material. Our exhibitions generally impress our clients

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Results & Client Opinions

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